Every world of Mr. Mofongo has a different range, each with its own menu. Have a nice drink with small worldly dishes, enjoy a good piece of meat or fish, choose a changing menu consisting of several courses, or even be pampered on a gastronomic level by the chef himself ... the possibilities are almost endless!

Mr. Mofongo - Restaurant


Located on the ground floor is our restaurant which offers worldly a la carte dishes for both lunch and dinner. It’s interior with the hanging plants and rustic character has a combination of subtle South American and Mediterranean influences. Throughout the restaurant you will come across artifacts and stories told by Mr. Mofongo which he has gathered during his exciting world travels.

Mr. Mofongo - Cocktailbar


Due to a team of passionate bartenders and unique cocktails, we were voted 'Best Cocktail Bar in the Netherlands' in 2017. Knowledge, passion, and experience are combined to provide you with the cocktail that suits you. From Tiki to trendy twists on well-known classics, experimental new ideas and flavours to suit any guest. You name it, we’ll make it.

Mr. Mofongo - Rooftop Winebar

Rooftop Winebar

Formerly an attic, now a place where innovation, sustainability and most of all, experience is the focus of attention. From the ancient oak floor, a hanging wine barrel which functions as a DJ-booth and the pre-war newspaper articles on the wall, everything is based on circular thinking. The whole bar and seating area has been renovated and designed into a unique concept. Over 100 different wines can be enjoyed in the wine bar, from established wineries from the old and new world of wines.

Mr. Mofongo