Rooftop Winebar

The Wine Bar is the most recent addition to the unique concept of Mr. Mofongo. Formerly an attic, now a place where innovation, sustainability and most of all, experience is the focus of attention. From the ancient oak floor, a hanging wine barrel which functions as a DJ-booth and the pre-war newspaper articles on the wall, everything is based on circular thinking. The whole bar and seating area has been renovated and designed into a unique concept. Over 100 different wines can be enjoyed in the wine bar, from established wineries from the old and new world of wines. All our wines are carefully selected by our sommelier and our Head Chef, so we have a suitable wine for every street food dish.

Curious about a specific wine, but don't want to order a whole bottle? We use a unique robot tap system, which means that you can order a wide range of exclusive wines by the glass. Your wine-by-the-glass experience is completed by the transparent OLED screen in the floor, which informs you about the origin and characteristics of the wine. We are happy to give you a taste of some surprising wines, which is possible by going on one of our wine flights. “wineflights”. This wineflight consists of a tasting of carefully selected wines from renowned wineries worldwide.

Wine & dine menu

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